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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Ticehurst, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Ella Margaret "Daisy"  Abt 1884Ticehurst, Sussex, England I8435
2 CRAMPTON, Mary Ann  1840Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2019
3 CRUMP, Anna Eliza  24 May 1848Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2045
4 CRUMP, Emma F.  1849Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2046
5 FARLEY, Alfred  Abt 1833Ticehurst, Sussex, England I628
6 FARLEY, Charles Richard  Abt 1835Ticehurst, Sussex, England I629
7 FARLEY, Eliza  Abt 1843Ticehurst, Sussex, England I630
8 FARLEY, Elizabeth Ann  1838Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1988
9 FARLEY, Ellen  1840Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1989
10 FARLEY, Frances Maria  Abt 1829Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1986
11 FARLEY, Matilda Anne  Abt 1831Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1987
12 FARLEY, Sarah Ann  Abt 1837Ticehurst, Sussex, England I631
13 FARLEY, Walter Joseph  Bef 24 May 1846Ticehurst, Sussex, England I8
14 FARLEY, William Henry  Abt 1827Ticehurst, Sussex, England I627
15 FIELD, Douglas E.  Abt 1890Ticehurst, Sussex, England I8007
16 FIELD, Ethel Linda  Abt 1887Ticehurst, Sussex, England I8006
17 FIELD, Frederick Crampton  16 Oct 1861Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7163
18 FIELD, William  Abt 1813Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7162
19 FIELD, William E.  Abt 1863Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7164
20 FULLER, Frances H.  Abt 1846Ticehurst, Sussex, England I13443
21 HODGE, Anna Louisa  1851Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4603
22 HODGE, Emily  Abt 1831Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4941
23 HODGE, Frank  1854Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2023
24 HODGE, George  Abt 1847Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2020
25 HODGE, Orlando  1849Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2022
26 HODGE, Rebecca  Abt 1828Ticehurst, Sussex, England I6063
27 HODGE, Samuel  Abt 1823Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2004
28 SAWYER, Elizabeth Ann  28 Feb 1823Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2003
29 SAWYER, Emily  6 May 1821Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2002
30 SKINNER, Esther  Abt 1837Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2017
31 USHERWOOD, Arthur Henry  23 Aug 1869Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7154
32 USHERWOOD, Henry  Abt 1828Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7153
33 USHERWOOD, Minnie Maria  1872Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FARLEY, Alfred  12 May 1833Ticehurst, Sussex, England I628
2 FARLEY, Charles Richard  1 Mar 1835Ticehurst, Sussex, England I629
3 FARLEY, Eliza  16 Apr 1843Ticehurst, Sussex, England I630
4 FARLEY, Emily  25 Feb 1843Ticehurst, Sussex, England I13526
5 FARLEY, Frances Maria  31 May 1829Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1986
6 FARLEY, Matilda Anne  20 Mar 1831Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1987
7 FARLEY, Walter Joseph  24 May 1846Ticehurst, Sussex, England I8
8 FARLEY, William Henry  4 Feb 1827Ticehurst, Sussex, England I627
9 HODGE, Alfred  6 Jan 1825Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4944
10 HODGE, Anna Louisa  14 Dec 1851Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4603
11 HODGE, Emily  27 Feb 1831Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4941
12 HODGE, Frank  4 Jun 1854Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2023
13 HODGE, George  11 Apr 1847Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2020
14 HODGE, Henrietta Frances  4 May 1829Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4943
15 HODGE, Orlando  19 Oct 1849Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2022
16 HODGE, Samuel  21 Sep 1823Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Mary Ann  1 Jul 1905Ticehurst, Sussex, England I7166
2 BROOKER, Sarah  25 Mar 1843Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1996
3 SAWYER, Elizabeth Ann  29 Jan 1857Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2003
4 SAWYER, Henry  24 Oct 1831Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1998
5 SAWYER, William  14 Sep 1851Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HODGE, Henrietta Frances  28 Jun 1834Ticehurst, Sussex, England I4943
2 SAWYER, Maria  Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2000
3 SKINNER, Esther  21 Mar 1872Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2017


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 SAWYER, William  1851Ticehurst, Sussex, England I1995
2 SKINNER, Esther  1851Ticehurst, Sussex, England I2017


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLE / SAWYER  31 Jan 1845Ticehurst, Sussex, England F653
2 CRAMPTON / SAWYER  4 Mar 1832Ticehurst, Sussex, England F654
3 CRUMP / BAILEY  1855Ticehurst, Sussex, England F666
4 CRUMP / FARLEY  28 Jan 1848Ticehurst, Sussex, England F649
5 FARLEY / SAWYER  24 Mar 1826Ticehurst, Sussex, England F163
6 FIELD / CRAMPTON  9 Jan 1861Ticehurst, Sussex, England F1825
7 FULLER / HODGE  11 Dec 1841Ticehurst, Sussex, England F3502
8 HODGE / SAWYER  5 Jun 1844Ticehurst, Sussex, England F652
9 KEMP / USHERWOOD  1893Ticehurst, Sussex, England F3319
10 SKINNER / SAWYER  29 Dec 1834Ticehurst, Sussex, England F655


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Address    Family ID 
1 CRAMPTON / SAWYER  1841Ticehurst, Sussex, England F654
2 FIELD / SAWYER  1861Ticehurst, Sussex, England F1826
3 HODGE / SAWYER  1851Ticehurst, Sussex, England F652

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